Salad "Funchoza with seaweed"

Salad "Funchoza with seaweed"

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Ingredients for the preparation of salad "Funchoza with seaweed"

  1. Funchoza (rice noodles) 100 g
  2. Korean carrot 250 g
  3. Pickled seaweed 150 g
  4. Onion 1 pc.
  5. Salt to taste
  6. Ground black pepper to taste
  7. Oil (sunflower, olive) for refueling
  8. Water 1 L
  • Main Ingredients Seaweed
  • Portion 2-4
  • World CuisineAsian, Oriental


Knife, Cutting board, Bowl or deep salad bowl, Dining spoon, Saucepan with lid, Colander, Stove, Refrigerator, Gauze, Kettle, Forks or chopsticks

Making salad "Funchoza with seaweed":

Step 1: Prepare the ingredients.

Let's start with the simplest action - we will clear the onion head of the husk and rinse it thoroughly with running water. Then cut the onion in half and finely and finely chop with a sharp knife on a cutting board. Korean carrots and pickled seaweed - dishes are quite ready to eat, so they need only such preparation - strain from brine. This can easily be done by putting the product in a bag of gauze, and how to squeeze it. It remains only to prepare rice noodles - funchose, but we will talk about it in more detail.

Step 2: Boil funchose ...

To get started, read the instructions for cooking funchose on the packaging, as there are several types of rice noodles, and for each cooking process may vary slightly. But in general, everything happens like this - in a clean and dry pan we put the required amount of rice noodles. Separately boil in a kettle 1-1.5 liters water, and then pour funchose obtained with boiling water so that the noodles are completely covered with water. It’s better to pour a little more boiling water so that there is a supply of water in 2-3 centimeters. We cover the pan with a funchose lid and put on the stove where we will cook 5 minutes. Stir the funchose not allowedas this noodle is very fragile. Add salt and spices to the water to taste and desire. Throw the finished funchose into a colander and drain the excess water. Rice noodles are ready, but you need to cool them before adding them to the salad.

Step 3: Prepare the salad "Funchoza with seaweed".

In a deep salad bowl, mix all the ingredients - finely chopped onions, cooked and chilled funchose, strained Korean carrots and pickled seaweed. Add salt and spices to taste, season the salad with oil and mix well. The dish is almost ready, it remains to cool it in the refrigerator before serving. It will take about 40 minutes.

Step 4: Serve the ready-made salad "Funchoza with seaweed".

When the salad has cooled sufficiently, we take it out of the refrigerator and serve it on the table. You can serve a salad with a fork, or with chopsticks - so the tasting process will be even more interesting! This delicious and healthy salad will surely appeal to you and your guests. You should write it in your cookbook, because you will cook it often enough! Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - You can not boil funchose, and pour boiling water over it and hold it in this state for 10 minutes.

- - Funchoza easily absorbs all the smells, so you need to take the water for cooking without fail to clean, better bottled, not from the tap.

- - After cooking, the rice noodles can be washed so that it does not stick together.

- - Instead of vegetable oil and salt, you can season the salad with soy sauce.

- - Funchoza - perfect for people who follow a diet, because it is low-calorie, but satisfying.

- - Salad "Funchoza with seaweed" can be cooked during fasting.


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