Homemade ham

Ingredients for making homemade ham

  1. Pork pulp or pork neck 1 kilogram
  2. Medium sized garlic 6-8 cloves
  3. Salt to taste
  4. Bay leaf medium size 4-6 pieces
  5. Black peppercorns 8-10 pieces
  6. Ground allspice to taste
  7. Ground coriander spice 1/2 teaspoon
  8. Spice "mix of Italian herbs" ground to taste
  • Main Ingredients
  • Serving 8 servings


Cutting board, Knife, Garlic bowl, Hand mortar with pestle, Bowl - 2 pieces, Plate, Tablespoon, Kitchen paper towel, Culinary net or tube bandage, Baking bag - 2 pieces, Saucepan, Cooker, Lid, Kitchen tongs , Refrigerator, Flat Dishes

Cooking homemade ham:

Step 1: prepare the garlic.

We put the garlic cloves on the cutting board and, using the handle of the knife, slightly press on the ingredient. After that, remove the husk from the vegetable component with ease. Then grind the garlic cloves with the help of the garlic and put it in a separate plate.

Step 2: prepare the spice mixture.

First we break the bay leaf with our hands into several small pieces, and then shift it into a mortar. In the same container we spread the peas of black pepper and coriander. Well grind all the ingredients to a state of homogeneous fine crumbs. Then pour the resulting crumb into a separate small bowl and add salt, black allspice and a mixture of Italian herbs. Using a tablespoon, mix all the spices well with each other until a homogeneous mass is formed.

Step 3: prepare the meat.

We take out the pork from the freezer of the refrigerator and defrost it to room temperature. Attention: In no case should you defrost meat in a microwave or in hot water. Wash the pork pulp under warm running water. Then we dry the meat ingredient well from the water with a paper towel and transfer it to a cutting board. Using a kitchen knife, thoroughly clean the flesh of the veins, films or bone fragments. It is desirable that the meat had the shape of a flat rectangle, since we will wrap pork in a roll, and this form of ingredient will facilitate this process for us. But this is only if you are not using a pork neck, since this ingredient itself already has a voluminous rectangular shape. I usually use the last meat component, as it turns out, as for me, much juicier. Well, in any case, any part of the pork is very tasty. Then, evenly and abundantly, from all sides rub the pork pulp with a mixture of spices and turn our ingredient into a roll. Important: roll meat is very tight. When the meat is ready, we put on it a culinary grid on top and knot it on both sides with knots. Attention: if you don’t have such a net, then you can use a tubular bandage net, which can be purchased at any pharmacy to fix the dressings. The diameter of such a mesh bandage should be small. Then we put the meatloaf in a baking bag and tie it very tightly, while in such a way as to remove air from it as much as possible. For insurance, we transfer our bag of meat to another baking bag of the same type and tie it tightly to a knot.

Step 4: prepare homemade ham.

Pour water at room temperature into the pan and then transfer the bag of meatloaf to this container. Importantso that the water in the pan completely covers our pork, but does not overflow from the tank. We put any load on the bag with meat ingredient so that the dish does not float to the surface of the pan. We put the container on medium heat. After the water boils in the container, we make a small fire, since during the preparation of homemade ham it is impossible for the water to boil strongly, that is, the minimum temperature of the liquid in the container during cooking of the meat should be 70 ° C and in no case not 95 ° C. Cook the meat for 4.5-5 hours. If the water in the pan boils, then you can add the required amount of water, but it should be warm and boiled. After the allotted time with the help of kitchen tongs, we take out the bag with meatloaf from the pan and transfer it to a free bowl. When the meat has cooled, we untie the bag and remove the pork from it. Then we transfer the homemade ham into a bowl, cover the container with a lid and put it in the refrigerator.

Step 5: serve homemade ham.

We take homemade ham from the refrigerator and put it on a cutting board. Using a kitchen knife, remove the grid and after - cut the meat delicacy into medium pieces. We spread the homemade ham on a flat serving dish. You can also put the remaining piece of meat on a plate with meat slices. And believe me, the ham will look just like a king! It can be served with various side dishes, such as cereals or pasta. You can also enjoy ham with vegetable salads or put it as a separate dish in the form of a snack. Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- - For the preparation of homemade ham, it is better to use fresh, slightly chilled meat.

- - If you want your homemade ham to be sharper, grease the meat not only with a mixture of spices, but also with mustard.

- - Do not pour the juice that formed in the bag during cooking. It can be used to make sauce.

- - In addition to the listed spices for cooking ham, you can use other seasonings and spices at your discretion, for example: seasoning for meat, cinnamon.

- - For cooking home-made ham, you can also use the rear or front pork ham. You can also cook ham from turkey or chicken.